Potomac Highlands

Experience the dramatic scenery and iconic landmarks as you travel to the Potomac Highlands in West Virginia. Tell your family and friends you traveled up 4,863 feet to the highest point in West Virginia called Spruce Knob. Take in the scenery of the dense spruce forest as you view the vast land that stretches out for miles and miles in the distance.

Travel to Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area to climb up the sheer rocks in a remote section of the Monongahela National Forest, or enjoy a peaceful day in lush woodlands with hiking, fishing and camping opportunities available at your leisure.

The adventures continue at the Green Bank Observatory where you can experience an up-close view at telescopes and the world’s largest fully-steerable telescope. Fully immerse yourself in the experience as you learn all about radio astronomy. The adventures don’t stop when the sun goes down. Travel to the Green Bank’s National Radio Quiet Zone where disconnection from the entire world is possible because of the nonexistent radio, television and cellular transmissions. So enjoy the peace and quiet and attend the “Star Party!” hosted by astronomy professionals to show you wonders of the starry, luminous skies above.