Blackwater River

Meandering its way through Canaan Valley, the Blackwater River begins life, maturing into raging whitewater that cuts through the Blackwater Canyon and it's 1,000 ft walls.  Other than Blackwater Falls, the river is best known for it's trout fishing.  Particularly now that the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources has continued its efforts of stocking the catch and release zone of the Blackwater Canyon.  Canoeists paddle the gentle headwaters from the far reaches of Canaan Valley all the way into the adventure town of Davis.  Below Davis, well, lets just say you better have world-class whitewater kayak skills.  Mountain bikers and hikers find miles of trail along the rivers edge like the Blackwater View Trail and Splash Dam South trail.  Birders and photographers are exposed to nature and views at every turn in wild, wonderful, West Virginia.