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Exploring Blackwater View Trail

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  The Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge has recently completed an exciting project on their Blackwater View and Middle Valley Trail systems in the heart of Canaan Valley.  What makes this project so significant is the private public partnership established between the CVWR, a pivotal private landowner, and Heart of the Highlands trail organization.  The end result is a connector trail joining CVWR Blackwater View trail system to the CVWR Middle Ridge trail system and A-Frame road parking lot.   Most significantly, a walking bridge spanning the Blackwater River was erected last summer, and final touches on the connector trail were finished in the fall of 2016.


The critical link between Beall Lane and A-Frame Road is a stout walking bridge spanning the Blackwater River headwaters.


  The Blackwater View Trail is designated as a multi-use trail.  Today I will be riding my bike with some friends, which is my preferred mode of travel.  Plan your route at the Beall Lane trailhead kiosk, located off Cortland Rd. in Canaan Valley.  Several trails are restricted to foot travel only in the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge.


   Riding the trail for the first time in early spring was a good call, letting us see through what typically is dense forest once the leaves have grown back in.  If heights is not your thing, one may desire the foliage along the only single track of trail constructed atop the banks of the Blackwater River.


  Bikes may be our preferred method of travel this day, however, I would have to say the entire trail system is more suited for foot travel.  The majority of tread is based off of old logging roads that are in excellent shape and drain properly.  The grass sucks away energy that goes to the wheel and the pitches can be a tad steep.  Perfect for an in shape beginner/intermediate mountain biker, the key word is, In Shape!  What is significant for adventure/destination riders is the connection to A-Frame road.  You can now ride or hike 30 to 60 mile loops covering Canaan Valley, the Blackwater Canyon, Canaan Mountain Backcountry, and the towns of Davis and Thomas.


  Other than airplane contrails and the occasional hiker, solitude is found at every corner of the revolving landscape.  Bird lovers, bring those binoculars.  Photographers, no need for imagination with an infinate scenery.  First timers, you will leave invigorated. 

Now head out there and #GetTuckered!